7 Interesting Facts about Big E

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Ettore Ewen or Big E born on 1st March 1986 is a famous WWE superstar. Big E gained his popularity as the faction The New Day alongside Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. After becoming WWE Champion Big E suddenly gained more popularity. The WWE universe started loving and enjoying his amazing sense of humor. You will love him more after knowing some interesting facts about Big E that most of the fans don’t know. Big E is a self-made superstar in WWE with no Godfather’s hand over his head. 

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Unknown Facts about Big E

Big E is 6th black WWE champion 

Big e champion
Image credit – WWE

Big E won the WWE championship on 13th September 2021 at Raw brand by cashing in his money in the bank contract over Bobby Lashley. By winning the WWE title he became the 6th WWE superstar who had a dark complexion. It’s not about color discrimination but it is mentioned in the record book of WWE.

Before Big E superstars like The Rock, Mark Henry, Booker T, Kofi Kingston and Bobby Lashley are the five Black WWE superstars to hold the WWE championship title. This was the first among amazing facts about Big E.

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Big E had a crush on Becky Lynch’s mother

Becky lynch with mother
Image credit – Pinterest

It all started with a Twitter post after Wrestlemania 35 where Becky won both Raw and Smackdown championship belts. Becky Lynch was in a feud with Lacey Evans and she posted a pic of her with her mother tweeting The Ma and The Man. From there Big E took notice of mama Lynch and had a crush on her.

Big E and Mama Lynch tweet
Image Credit – Twitter

Big E even publicly announced that he had a crush on mama Lynch. Then it was Becky herself who had to come in between to settle the matter. Becky explained to Big E that her mother is a married woman and she is already taken. Since then Big E never talked about mama Lynch.

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Meaning of letter ‘E’ in Big E

Big E meaning
Image credit – WWE

There are many letters that WWE used but never disclosed to their fans. Letters like RKO, CM Punk and also Big E. As described in the intro Big E’s real name is Ettore Ewen, E stands for his last name Ewen. For most WWE fans, this must be one of the most unknown facts about Big E.

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Big E parents are from different countries

Big e jamaican son

This might be interesting to know that both of Big E’s parents are from different countries. Big E’s father Eltore Ewen is Jamaican and mother is a Montserratian immigrant, while Big E was born in Flo Rida, United States.

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State Championship winner

BIG E school
Image credit – WWE

Bis E was a very good athlete in his school days. He had won a number of sports events during his school times. Big E had won the high school wrestling state championship and was announced  Hillsborough County’s “Ironman of the Year”.

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Record-breaker powerlifter 

Big E powerlifting
Image credit – Allpowerlifting

Big E in his first USA Powerlifting meet which was held in Davie, Florida at Nova Southeastern University on 11th July 2010 set a new record. In the 275 pound class, he not only won the competition but also set four new records. HIs new set records were 611 pounds in squats, 749 pounds deadlifts, 490 pounds in the bench press and in raw total 1850 pounds.

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2nd NXT champion

big e nxt champion
Image credit – WWE

Big E was the second to become NXT champion, first was Seth Rollins. On 9th January 2013 at NXT Big E defeated Shield member Seth Rollins via pinfall to become the second-ever NXT champion. Big E had a title reign of 168 days before losing to Bo Dallas on 12th June 2013.

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Related FAQ

What does the E in WWE Big E stand for?

E stands for the initial letter of the of his last real name ie Ettore Ewen

what is Big E age ?

As of 2021 Big E’s age is 35

What is Big E height ?

Big E height is 180cm or 5ft-11inches

What is Big E weight ?

Big E weigh about 286lbs or 130kg


Big is the homegrown talent of WWE just as Roman Reigns, The Rock and Braun Strowman. Without any family background in WWE Big E still had become WWE champion because of his hard work. He had a very nice nature in WWE backstage, that is why every other roster admires him a lot.

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