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Kofi Kingston or real name Kofi Nahaje Sarkodie Mensah born on 14th August 1981, is a professional Ghanaian-American wrestler famous for his high flying moves inside the WWE ring. After gaining popularity fans not only noticed his talent but also noticed his abnormal-looking pecs. Fans wanted to know what happened to Kofi Kingston chest or What’s wrong with Kofi Kingston Chest. In this article, we are going to explain a full detailed explanation about the Kofi Kingston chest gap.

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Kofi Kingston Chest Problem

Kofi had a distinctly visible gap in the center of his chest and because of this, his chest looks flat. He is not only the wrestler having a chest problem. Some other famous wrestlers like Chris Jericho, Scott Steiner, Ric Flair and even The Undertaker deal with the same chest issue.

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Kofi Kingston Explanation on his sunken chest

Kofi chest tweet
Image Credit – Twitter

On 4th July 2019 when a fan asked Kofi about his sunken chest, Kofi replied via his tweet saying that Big Show is the reason for his chest imperfection. According to a Kofi tweet in 2009 during a match, Big Show chopped Kofi in his chest so hard that it injured his chest and made it look weird. 

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kofi chest second tweet
Image Credit – Twitter

One month later on 16th August 2019, Kofi again explained his concave chest issue via tweet. He said that his pecs muscles are connected to the side of his chest and not in the center of the chest. That’s why there is a visible gap in the center of his chest.

In his both tweets he is doing what he does best and that’s ‘ Entertaining’. Kofi Kingston is just playing with the fans by making funny stories. Kofi and his New Day team members Xavier Woods and Big E never misses a chance to crack jokes to entertain their fans.

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Real Medical Reason for Kofi Kingston Chest Problem

kofi pectus excavatum
Image credit – mayoclinic

The truth is Kofi Kingston is suffering from a medical condition called Pectus excavatum. It is a disorder where a person’s pecs muscles which are connected to the sternum and breastbone along with the ribs are pulled inward the chest. 

This disorder may be caused by birth or after the time of puberty. In 2008 when Kofi Kingston debuted in WWE he was young and muscular. He was just 26 years of age and was having bigger and muscular pecs. But as he started getting aged around 2017 when he was 35 years of age he started losing muscles and all his gains. That was the time when the Kofi Kingston chest issue started catching the viewer’s attention. It’s not like Kofi’s chest gap is getting bigger but actually, his pecs were getting smaller along with the age which makes the chest center gap look bigger.

The Pectus Excavatum is not a deadly disease but it could certainly make the body part look disoriented. As the wrestler is getting chopped on the chest, week after week and year after year the nerve damage in the chest could elevate the disorder done by Pectus Excavatum. 

Pectus Excavatum can be seen in other wrestlers too like The Undertaker, Crish Jerico and Ric Flair also, but its not as worse as Kofi’s condition. Most of the wrestling fans think Scott Steiner belongs to the same disorder but that’s not true. Scott Steiner always had a perfectly shaped chest however the result in the chest gap of Scott Steiner is due to the medical surgery, in which a piece of flesh has been cut from his chest to save his life.

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Kofi knows his medical condition very well but he always plays with his fans. Kofi also knows in this social media era everyone could figure out about the Kofi Kingston chest problem on their own via the internet.

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