WWE Charlotte Flair Tattoo | What Does Charlotte Flair Tattoo Say

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Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr or Charlotte Flair born on 5th April 1986, is a professional American Wrestler. Charlotte Flair made her NXT debut in July 2013 and two years later in July 2015 she made her WWE main roster debut at Monday night Raw. Her impressive wrestling career is not only the memorable moment that fans talks about but also talks about her memory inked in her body as tattoos. WWE Charlotte Flair tattoo is as beautiful as Charlotte. But every WWE fan wants to know what the Charlotte Flair tattoo says. Each Charlotte Flair Tattoo meaning is going to be discussed here for her fans, who want to know the secret behind Charlotte Flair’s tattoos.

Charlotte Flair was among one of the diva superstars who was a part of the diva’s revolution in 2015. The Divas revolution was the era when WWE divas started getting recognition for their wrestling career in WWE. Divas even main event many WWE pay-per-views also and proved that they are equally important as male superstars.

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WWE Charlotte Flair Tattoo meanings

Charlotte Flair Waistline Tattoo – Two Little Hearts

Charlotte flair heart tattoo
Image credit – WWE

The first-ever tattoo Charlotte Flair inked on her body was just below her waistline and it was the outline of two hearts. She got this tattoo on her body during her childhood days with her very close friend Ashely Heard as a remark of their friendship. 

According to her, she never liked that tattoo and saw it as ugly work of art. But since it was the memory of her friendship she never removed this tattoo even though she dislikes it.

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Charlotte Flair Rib Tattoo

Charlotte flair rib tattoo
Image credit – WWE

The next WWE Charlotte Flair tattoo is about the quote that she got inked on her left side rib. The quote says “ Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life”. It’s the bible verse from Proverbs 4:23, which means keep your heart to yourself because the heart will guide you to the right path. 

The reason for this tattoo she got on her body is because there was the time when Charlotte flair and her elder half-sister Megan Fliehr, Both were getting divorced in  2013 and everything was all messed up in their family life. Charlotte Flair blames her heart for this situation as she fell in love with a guy whom she didn’t know very well.

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Charlotte Flair Brother Reid Tattoo

Charlotte flair reid tattoo
Image credit – WWE

This tattoo is the most meaningful tattoo she inked on her body. On the right side, between arms and ribs, she got a Holy cross tattoo with the name ‘Reider’ written inside the cross. This tattoo was dedicated to her younger brother ‘Reid Flair’ who died due to an overdose of drugs intake, on 29th March 2013.

Reid flair tattoo
Image credit – WWE

Their dad, the famous Hall of Famer Ric Flair was strictly against body tattoos. Reid always wanted to get a tattoo of his favorite musical band ‘Guns N Roses’ but his dad Ric Flair never gave him permission for tattoos. One day suddenly Reid Flair got inked that tattoo on the back near his left shoulder with some fire flames around it and ‘Fliehr” written inside it. Charlotte Flair along with other siblings always used to make fun of his tattoo because it was nothing like the Guns N Roses symbol rather than it was just a normal holy cross tattoo that the tattoo artist must have fooled him with. 

Charlotte sibling tattoo
Image credit – Tattoodo

In memory of Reid Flair and to tribute him Charlotte Flair, Charlotte Flair’s brother & sister along with their spouse and Reid’s girlfriend they all got the same tattoo. And when they came out of the shop after getting the tattoo they all realized that today in heaven wherever Reid Flair is, he must be laughing and saying “guys you used to make fun of this tattoo and today you got the same tattoo on your baby for me”.

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Charlotte Flair Wrist Tattoo

Charlotte flair wrist tatto
Image credit – WWE

The last WWE Charlotte Flair tattoo story says ‘A Little Patience’. She got this quote tattoo also in memory of his brother Reid Flair only. It’s a famous song from his brother’s favorite musical band Guns N Roses which Charlotte and Reid use to sing together whenever they are happy.

She got this tattoo when she was on NXT and she was facing lots of us and down in her career. One day she was very sad and just sitting humming this song in memory of her brother and then suddenly she made up her mind of getting this quote inked on her body. And from next time whenever Charlotte used to get sad she just looks at her wrist and says to herself, have ‘A little patience’ everything will gonna be alright.

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There is no doubt that Charlotte Flair is a genetically gifted athlete and was born to become WWE Divas champion. But it was only her hard work that brought her to the top in the pro wrestling world. And she is not only walking alone in this path of success but she is carrying her family legacy along with her and definitely making her brother’s name shine also in the form of her tattoo. 

Many WWE superstars have some story behind their tattoos but WWE Charlotte Flair’s Tattoo is the most heart-touching one.

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