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When it comes to the phrase “Actions speak louder than words” the best example in the wrestling world is The Beast incarnate Brock Lesnar.  Brock Edward Lesnar, worldwide popularly knows by his WWE in-ring name Brock Lesnar is a professional wrestler, former UFC champion and retired football player. Brock is not a kind of social person and speaks very little. But his performance and tattoo speak a lot about him. His fans always wanted to get to know what Brock Lesnar tattoo meaning is. Here we are going to discuss every Brock Lesnar Tattoo photos meaning with dates when he got it and why he got it.

Brock Lesnar Tattoo Image name and their meaning

Predator Tattoo

Brock Lesnar Left Shoulder Tattoo

On the left arm shoulder, Brock Lesnar is having a Yautja image tattoo from the movie predator released in 1987. Brock use to have this tattoo since his university days around 1998 before even he was signed in with WWE.

Brock Lesnar made this tattoo because he thinks he is very much similar to the movie character predator who used to hunt his opponent ruthlessly. Predator use to sense his prey from the body heat as he is unable to see like humans and uses only thermal radiation emitted by his prey to sense them. This is one of the main reasons Yautja’s character is close to Brock Lesnar as most of the fans might not know brock is having color-blindness. He is unable to differentiate between red & green colors because of which he was discharged from the Army National Gaurd service. This was the Brock Lesnar Tattoo meaning for his predator image tattoo.

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Demonic Skull Tattoo

Brock Lesnar is having a big demonic skull tattoo with a big knife passing through the skull plastered on his back. He got this tattoo around 2001 when he was under WWE training in the performance center.

Brock Lesnar got this tattoo to justify his monstrous persona inside the ring. That’s why now fans also love him for his beast nature whenever he gets inside the ring.

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Kill Em All Tattoo

Brock Lesnar Plastered the Quote “Kill Em All” tattoo on the lower back area around 2001 along with a demonic skull tattoo. This tattoo is mostly covered by his wrestling trunks and could be seen as very rarely.

This is not only the straight message to his opponents in the ring but also explains that how big a fan is Brock Lesnar is of the band, Metallica. ‘Kill ‘Em All’ was the first album of Metallica band released on 25th July 1983. Brock Lesnar was such a big fan of Metallica band that he used their song ‘Enter Sandman’ released in 1991 as his UFC entrance theme song. This was the Brock Lesnar Tattoo meaning for ‘Kill Em All’ image Tattoo.

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Skull Tattoo

Brock Lesnar is having a skull tattoo on his right arm shoulder. When Brock Lesnar was under the WWE training center in Ohio Valley wrestling during the match with Batista on 28th September 2001 there was no tattoo on his right arm shoulder however when he debuted in WWE as the main roster on 18th March 2002 he was having a Skull Tattoo on his right arm. Brock Lesnar got this tattoo on the starting days of 2002 as he wanted to look more aggressive in his first WWE main roster appearance.

Brock Lesnar tattoo meaning of the skull imprinted on his right arm is the statement that his right arm is very much destructive and from this hand, he has broken many bones and faces of his opponents, and the deadliest weapon on his body is his right arm.

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Punch Tattoo 

Brock Lesnar is having a knuckle punch tattoo on his back just above the demonic skull tattoo. Initially, when Brock Lesnar debuted in WWE this tattoo was missing from his back and Brock didn’t get this tattoo till SummerSlam 2003 in a match against Kurt Angle. After that WWE was planning to get him into a feud with The Goldberg which was his biggest moment ever. To show his dominance in strength over Goldberg, Brock Lesnar got Knuckle Punch Tattoo inked on his back.

Punch tattoos are very common among athletes in the pro wrestling field. It is the symbol of solidarity and strength. Brock Lesnar was about to depart from WWE and to represent his dominance in WWE over the past two years he inked a Knuckle punch tattoo on his back.

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The Sword Tattoo

The most eye-catchy and controversial Tattoo of Brock Lesnar is the sword tattoo made on his chest having the knuckle grip starting from his stomach and finishes with the pointed end on his neck. After Wrestlemania 20 which was held on 14th March 2004, Brock departed from WWE and in the year 2005, he got inked the sword tattoo which was inspired by the famous New York tattoo artist Jimmy Diresta.

Brock Lesnar in his autobiography book “Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival” which was written by Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, he revealed that 

I felt like life was holding a sword right up against my throat, so I went under the ink gun because I never wanted to forget exactly how I felt at that time. The tattoo on my chest has so much meaning to me. In some ways, it’s funny, because the period of my life that I’m talking about is a time I so want to forget, but I know I can use this memory as motivation.

This was the time when Brock Lesnar asked for a release from WWE due to WWE’s busy and hectic schedule. Since in Brock’s contract he had some more years to work in WWE, therefore, WWE released Brock with the clause that he was banned to compete in other rivalry wrestling companies for the next 20 months.  And because of this clause, Brock felt like Vince McMahon is holding a sword over his neck, and one night in frustration in the drunken state he got inked the sword tattoo on his chest.


Most of Brock Lesnar’s tattoos are related to his personality and most of the tattoos were inked before he debuted in WWE.

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