Brock Lesnar Diet – 2021 | Brock Lesnar Meal by Meal Plan

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Brock Lesar is a living example of a beast captured inside a human body. He is so powerful that every other sportsperson wants to know what Brock Lesnar diet plan is, what is Brock Lesnar Favourite food and how he is able to manage it even when he is out of his home. 

Who is Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar’s full name is Brock Edward Lesnar and he was born on 12th July 1977 at Webster in South Dakota. He grew up on his parent’s dairy farm and agriculture field in Webster. He joined the Army National Guard service at the age of 17 but due to his color blindness, he was taken out of the Army. Then he started working in a construction company for some earnings.

Now Brock Lesnar is well known as an American-Canadian professional wrestler, a professional football player and retired MMA & UFC fighter. Now he could be seen wrestling in WWE.

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Why Brock Lesnar changed his diet

Before diving directly into Brock Lesnar’s diet plan it is important to know whether it is Brock Lesnar or any other professional athlete, they don’t follow a fixed diet plan throughout their whole life. Their diet plan majorly depends upon their upcoming events, their fitness goal and the medical condition they are going through. 

Brock Lesnar also follows the diet as guided to him by his nutrition expert trainers. His diet may vary depending upon the goal whether he wants to look more buffed up or have to look shredded for any upcoming event. His diet may also vary if he is on recovery mode from any injury as he has to focus on lite food which could help him a speedy recovery.

Brock Lesnar Disease due to his daily food

brock Lesnar diverticulitis

Since birth Brock lived on a farm, the main portion of his food always contained fresh meat. He only eats what he kills as he is a licensed hunter and never depends upon stored meat. Since he entered into the wrestling profession he increased his diet. He used to take 3200 calories a day with 300 grams of protein in which he usually includes grilled steaks, Lamb meat and a cold beer. 

In 2009 Brock was diagnosed with mononucleosis infection and diverticulitis, a disease of the digestive tract. To get rid of diverticulitis Brock had to undergo surgery not once but twice. The first successful surgery was done on 16th November 2009 but diverticulitis came back again in May 2009 and this time with more deadly effects. The second surgery was done on 27 May 2011 with the removal of a 12-inch piece of his colon from the digestive tract. 

Brock suffered from this problem because he was mainly focused on a high protein diet with lots of meat in his meal and always neglects food containing fibers. This result is a lack of soluble and insoluble fiber in his body which is very essential for pushing the digested food inside the digestive tract and regulates better bowel movements. Now Brock Lesnar has changed his daily diet. The Brock Lesnar protein diet has now become a nutritious diet with a combination of green vegetables, meat and complex carbs.

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What does Brock Lesnar Eat

Meal #1 

2 cup oats for complex carb and fiber

2 egg white for lean protein

6 whole eggs for healthy saturated fat

300 gram cod for other healthy fats, protein and omega-3 fish oil.

Meal #2

1 bowl or 450 gram of brown rice for complex carb

1 bowl of green vegetables for fiber and essential micronutrients & minerals 

2 chicken breasts for protein

Meal #3 

 350 gram of baked sweet potatoes for fibers and carbs

Meal #4

Banana Shake with whey protein powder supplement

Meal #5

1 Omega-3 fish oil capsule

1 bowl of mixed vegetables for fiber and essential micronutrients & minerals 

Meal #6

10 egg white omelet / scrambled for easy digesting protein

1 cup chopped spinach for iron and fibers

Brock Lesnar one of the favorite diets is water, he used to drink 2 gallons (7.5 liters) of water in a day with lots of electrolytes added into it to replenish his energy exhausted during his heavy workouts.

Paul heyman interview with simon miller

Paul Heyman once revealed in an interview that now Brock Lesnar is so very much concerned about his diet that he usually brings his own food from home. And during an event when they were in Los Angeles they went to a restaurant for lunch and alone the Brock Lesnar bill was $1400 (₹95,200 at that time). The meal he ordered was A full Steakhouse which usually contains 3 Porterhouses, Some vegetables and a small amount of complex carbs which includes brown rice or multigrain bread.


It is very important to note that people should not follow Brock Lesnar or any other athlete’s diet blindly. They are trained professionals who consult certified dietitians to design their diet plan according to their body and lifestyle.

Also, comment below who’s diet plan you wanna see next.

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