8 Reason for Brock Lesnar return to WWE SummerSlam 2021 | Why did Brock Lesnar return to WWE

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Brock Lesnar is not only a professional wrestler for WWE but he is also a moneymaker, wrestling fans attention seeker and definitely rating savior for WWE. Brock Lesnar was last seen in WWE on 5th April 2020 at Wrestlemania 36 and since then his fans wanted to know when will Brock Lesnar return and what is Brock Lesnar’s return date. On 21st August 2021 at SummerSlam Brock Lesnar makes his shocking return out of no-where confronting Universal Champion Roman Reigns. His Sudden last-minute appearance raised many speculations about his return and fans want to know why Brock Lesnar return to WWE  and what was the main reason for Brock Lesnar return to WWE SummerSlam 2021. Here we are going to discuss not one but many reasons that forced WWE to call back Brock Lesnar.

Reason for Brock Lesnar return

To Solidify SummerSlam’s Wrestlemania Vibes

Wrestlemania is the biggest pay-per-view for WWE and it is believed that WWE starts building hype for it one year prior. To increase the vibe and rumors about WrestleMania 38, WWE showed Brock Lesnar as fans know if Brock Lesnar is in contract with WWE he will definitely main event WrestleMania.

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To Throw some Surprises to Counter CM Punk AEW Debut

After CM Punk AEW debut at AEW Rampage on 20th August, there was only AEW news everywhere. Everyone was talking about CM Punk’s return to a professional wrestling career. Now AEW is the biggest rival to WWE and they couldn’t afford to lower their rating due to this AEW’s unexpected move. To counter this WWE also needed something big and the big thing in WWE is always the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar. This was the big reason for Brock Lesnar Return to WWE at SummerSlam 2021. WWE finalized the contract with Brock Lesnar at the last minute which shows how desperate WWE wants to counter the actions of AEW.

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To create Suspense regarding Paul Heyman

For a very long time, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar have been working together and this duo combo was the best match for the WWE business. Now since Brock was not in contract with WWE for a long time so WWE decided to combine Paul Heyman with The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and this also worked well. Now after the return of Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam and confronting Roman Reigns fans eagerly wanted to know who’s back Paul Heyman is going to stab. This might be difficult for Paul Heyman also to choose one out from a part-timer and a full-time roster.

Brock Lesnar new Look to be Revealed in WWE first

Brock Lesnar new look

Brock Lesnar is not a kind of social Person, he never posts his personal pics nor gives public interviews. It has been sixteen months since Brock hasn’t appeared on television. He was once seen on a youtube channel  Bearded Butcher video, released on 14th July 2021 with his new bearded look and flashing his ponytail. This new look of Brock went viral on the internet and fans wanted to know if this look was especially only for the Bearded Butcher or if he is going to continue his looks. This was also the reason for Brock Lesnar to return to WWE as WWE wants to be the first one to reveal his new look on television and gain some ratings.

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Easy Money for Brock Lesnar

Brock lesnar money

In WWE this is always a point of controversy that the part-timer is being paid higher cheques than full-time wrestlers. The Wrestlers like Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are paid a huge amount for very few appearances and also they always get the opportunity to main event the pay-per-view for the championship match without competing in any qualification matches. For Brock Lesnar, this is the easy money-making deal with WWE and this always compelled Brock Lesnar to return to WWE.

To Promote Roman Reigns for Wrestlemania 38 against The Rock

Roman reigns vs the rock

The biggest rumor of WM-37 is Roman Reigns vs The Rock match for the Universal Championship match. Fans always wanted to see this match and now Roman being a heel character this match seems to be happening on the way of the road to Wrestlemania. Now to set Roman Reigns new tribal chief character to The Rock level, WWE is going to use Brock Lesnar as a scapegoat so that the match vibes may get even stronger.

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No Face Opponent for Feud

Now WWE has raised The Tribal chief character already so strong that no one seems to be the worthy opponent for him. Roman Reigns being a heel character his feud has to be planned with a face character on which WWE is in shortage. Edge and Kevin Owens had already been in a feud with Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins seems to be the best-worthy opponent for him but he is doing great in his heel character. Seeming no other option in Smackdown,  WWE made Brock Lesnar return to WWE at SummerSlam.

To fill Space of Released Superstars

WWE released superstars

The recent release of big superstars from WWE  had made a big negative impact on WWE, the current WWE roster feels unsafe to work with WWE. Fans are also very much annoyed with the continuous release of their favorite wrestlers for the sake of cost-cutting. Not only mid-level but also top-level superstars like Andrade, Aleister Black, Braun Strowman and The Fiend Bray Wyatt are now absent from the WWE show. And now WWE brought Brock Lesnar return to WWE to fill this hole.

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There are not one but many reasons for WWE to bring back Brock Lesnar out of which CM Punk AEW debut was the biggest, which made WWE to take quick last-minute action for SummerSlam.

Do comment below your opinions on what made Brock Lesnar Return possible in WWE.

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