Eddie Guerrero Real Cause of Death | Eddie Guerrero Heart Attack

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Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes or Eddie Guerrero born on 9th October 1967 is a famous Mexican American professional wrestler. In a short period of time, Eddie achieved much greater heights in wrestling promotions. Being a heel character most of the time he was still loved by his fans. When Eddie was at the peak of his career shocking news suddenly came about Eddie Guerrero heart attack. This was a big surprise for all the wrestling world and everybody wants to know Eddie Guerrero real cause of death. There are so many assumptions about his death but the reality is going to be discussed here.

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Fake theories on Eddie Guerrero death

Eddie guerrero fake heart attack
Image credit : WWE

Many fake rumors and news are there on the internet which state that Eddie Guerrero dies during a wrestling match on WWE. This news took fire because of the angle that WWE scripted on 20th May 2004 at Smackdown brand, in an Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam vs JBL & The Dudley Boyz six-man tag team match. 

WWE brought Eddie Guerrero’s real-life health problems into the storyline to make it look more realistic. At the end of the match, Eddie was dominating everyone inside the ring. But suddenly collapsed and was unconscious inside the ring and JBL took the advantage of the situation and stole a pinfall victory for his team.

This all happened in the year 2004, way before Eddie Guerrero’s real death. So this states clearly that Eddie didn’t die in the ring and his in-ring heart attack was just part of the WWE storyline.

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Eddie Guerrero health issue

It all started when Eddie was going through a tough time in his life. Eddie’s married life was not going that well with his wife Vickie Guerrero. Neither he was getting any push in his wrestling career in WCW even after he demanded it. He was at so low point in his life that in one of his interviews he told that

“I had to try and fill the empty place in my heart with wrestling, tried to fill it with booze and pills. I was making good money and I was still feeling empty I was miserable”

He so desperately wanted to achieve everything in his life that he sometimes used muscle-building pills and sometimes he used alcohol to get away from depression.

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Eddie Guerrero car accident

It was a new year’s eve of 1999 and Eddie had an argument with his wife. Eddie took heavy doses of pills, drank alcohol and went on the road in his car. He was so intoxicated that he missed a turn and had a car accident. Luckily he was taken to hospital but had a fractured collarbone, compressed spine disc and broken right hip socket.  

Eddie was recommended a year of bed rest by a doctor but he was so much concerned about his wrestling career that he returned in-ring in just five months. To suppress his injuries he started taking painkillers and alcohol but soon got addicted to it. He once even quotes the “he cheated death and steal life” which later became Guerrero’s famous catchphrase “I lie, I cheat, I steal ”.  

Once Eddie even mixes pain killer pills with alcohol and as a result, his lungs collapsed and Eddie was out of breath. Soon he was admitted to the hospital and was saved again by the doctors.

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Eddie Guerrero problem in personal life

On 31st January 2000, Eddie made his debut in WWF which later became WWE. Due to WWE’s hectic schedule, Eddie Guerrero always seems to be in a drunken state to get rid of tiredness. Because of his alcohol addiction, his wife Vickie threatened him with divorce and his relative took a side path from his life. His personal life problems soon started affecting his wrestling career also.

On 9th November 2001, Eddie was arrested for a drunk and drive case where he ramped in a police security gate. This was a humiliation for WWE and to send a message to the rest of the roster WWE fired Eddie Guerrero. 

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Eddie Guerrero back on track

With no job, Eddie gets the time to realize his mistakes. He now turns his focus on spiritual service to God. He even started working with some smaller wrestling promotions like IWA, WWA and NJPW. Everyone was admiring Eddie for his new beginning. He even started mentoring new talents like CM Punk. He now had repaired his relations with Vickie Guerero also. 

Soon WWE rehired Eddie in 2002 and this time Eddie was the better man than ever before. He became much popular when he teamed up with his nephew Chavo Guerrero as Los Guerreros. Their theme song ‘viva la Raza, we lie, we cheat, we steal’ had become the biggest session of the WWE entrance theme song. 

Soon WWE acknowledged the hard work of Eddie Guerrero and awarded him with the gold on 15th February 2004 at no way out. After holding the WWE championship Eddie became the top superstar on the Smackdown brand. 

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Too much expectation from Eddie Guerrero

In the absence of Smackdown superstars like Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle, Smackdown ratings were drastically falling. Being the top superstar of Smackdown Eddie tried every possible thing to impress the WWE universe and gain a rating but it didn’t work much. Now he started working harder and torturing his body. 

He again started muscles enhancement pills and painkillers pills, and continued working without going to any break. But now his body is giving up and he was not getting any time for his recently repaired family and wife. He decided to drop the WWE championship to JBL on 27th June 2004 at Great American Bash PPV. 

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Eddie Guerrero heart attack and death

After dropping the championship Eddie stopped the enhancement pills but till then his body had suffered a lot. Now Eddie had started working mostly in tag team action. Everything seems going fine for Eddie in WWE. He was again a happy family person. He had also seen the highest point of his career.  

Suddenly an incident happened on 13th November 2005. Eddie Guerrero and his Nephew Chavo Guerrero were staying in one of the Minneapolis, Minnesota hotels named Marriott Hotel City Center. When Eddie failed to answer the wake-up call from the hotel staff for breakfast, staff members informed Chavo Guerrero. Then Chavo, alongside hotel staff members, opens Eddie Guerrero’s room with the secondary keys and finds Eddie laying on the bathroom floor with the toothbrush in his mouth.

Soon an ambulance was called for help. Chavo even attempted a few CPR on Eddie’s chest but his body didn’t respond. As paramedical help reached the hotel and checked on Eddie’s body they declared him dead on the sight.

Later on a postmortem report, it was revealed that Eddie died of a heart attack which was caused by atherosclerotic cardiovascular heart disease. This disease was the result of a long intake of unprescribed pills that he used just to save his wrestling career. But he never had thought it could become the Eddie Guerrero real cause of death at the age of 38. 

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Tribute to Eddie Guerrero

WWE tribute eddie guerrero
Image credit : WWE

After the death of Eddie Guerrero WWE added a non-violation policy in wrestlers’ contracts to prevent them from consuming the banned substances. In honor of Late Eddie Guerrero, WWE gave tribute and ten bells salute on the episode of Raw on 14th November 2005. Eddie was so admired in the wrestling industry that he received tribute from other wrestling promotions also like TNA, ROH and OVW.

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Related FAQ

How Eddie Guerrero dead?

Eddie died because of a heart attack which was caused by atherosclerotic cardiovascular heart disease.

What was Eddie Guerrero’s age at death ?

Eddie Guerrero was 38 years of age when he died.

what is Eddie Guerrero’s death date ?

13th November 2005

What’s Eddie Guerrero in-ring heart attack date ?

20th May 2004


Eddie had seen a rise and downfall in his career. But in the end, he came up with a better husband, a better wrestler and a respectable mentor. His winning tactics and naughtiness entertained fans so much that his place could never be filled by anyone. Hope you find useful Eddie Guerrero real cause of death article.

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