Roman Reigns Tattoo Meaning | All About Roman Reigns Tattoo

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Leati Joseph Anoaʻi or Roman Reigns is a famous professional wrestler, former football player and actor. Roman Reigns debuted in WWE on 18th November 2012 at Survivor Series PPV as part of The Shield. Since then he has been ruling the WWE. Apart from winning his matches, the tattoo engraved on his body has been the main center of attraction for many WWE fans. His tattoo design is so unique that fans want to know all about Roman Reigns tattoo. When and who inked this tattoo and what Roman Reigns tattoo meaning is about. Here we have discussed every query that fans had in their mind regarding Roman Reigns tattoo.

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Roman Reigns family tattoo

Roman Reigns belongs to Polynesian culture background. He along with his family members The Rock, The Usos, Rikishi and Umaga had the same pattern tattoo on their body which is a Polynesian culture tattoo. Polynesian tribal tattoos consist of the interconnection of pattern to patterns with mats and spearheads designs, which has a spiritual significance. These tattoos not only symbolize tribal culture but also signify family background which can be noticed by their tattoo pattern. Every tribal design tattoo has a different meaning that we are going to list one by one about Roman Reigns tattoo. 

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Roman Reigns shoulder tattoo

Roman Reigns shoulder tattoo
Image credit – WWE

The first-ever tattoo that Roman inked on his body was on his shoulder. Roman Reigns was just 18 years old when he got his first tattoo. He just wanted a piece of a tattoo on his shoulder. So he got this tattoo from a female tattoo artist in Pensacola Florida on the recommendation of his cousin Umaga. The tattoo work took almost six hours of session to complete. Roman Reigns use to have only this shoulder tattoo from his day of debut in WWE till 2013

Roman Reigns wasn’t that satisfied with his shoulder tattoo as the tattoo wasn’t culturally sound. The patterns and alignment were not according to their custom and culture.

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Roman Reigns sleeve tattoo 

Roman Reigns sleeve tattoo
Image credit – WWE

The sleeve tattoo has been the signature tattoo for the Roman Reigns’ Samoan family for generations. The sleeve tattoo symbolizes the family and unity of the Samoan family. Roman decided to extend his shoulder tattoo with a sleeve tattoo when he was part of the Shield.

Though going through WWE’s hectic schedule, Roman Reigns one Wednesday on 27th March 2013  manages to take a flight and land directly to Tampa Florida in Mike Fatutoa’s shop to get a sleeve tattoo. Mike Fatutoa is also known as Samoan Mike a famous tribal cultural tattoo designer. 

It took Samoan Mike two days to complete the Roman Reigns sleeve tattoo on his right arm. On Wednesday Mike and Roman sat continuously for seven hours to finish just half the outer portion of the tattoo on Roman’s arms. Then at night Roman left for his room, had dinner and slept. The next day early morning on Thursday at 8 am Roman was again present at Mike’s shop to get the rest of the work done. On this day both had 10 hours of session to complete the pending tattoo work. Samoan Mike not only inked a sleeve tattoo on Roman Reigns’ arm but also did some correction and a retouch on the existing shoulder tattoo. So in total, it took 17 hours of time for Mike Fatutoa to complete the tattoo from chest to wrist including the shoulder part.

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Roman Reigns Turtle Tattoo

Roman Reigns turtle tattoo
Image credit – WWE

In Samoan culture, the turtle represents Family wellness, longevity and peace. Roman Reigns had a turtle tattoo on his inner wrist which most of the fans didn’t know. This turtle tattoo is very less seen as it is on the inner side of the wrist and most of the time it is covered with his ring gear wristband. 

It’s a Polynesian turtle and inside it, there is a flower. The flower represents his daughter Joelle Anoa’i lovingly called Jojo and the Polynesian turtle represents Jojo’s father Roman Reigns. For him, this is the most meaningful tattoo on his body as it gives him the reason to live. There was a time when Roman was going through harsh days due to Leukemia. It was his daughter that provided him all the strength to fight Leukemia. So as in the tattoo, the flower is protected by the strong and hard shell of the turtle in the same way, Roman Reigns is always going to protect Jojo. This tattoo reminds him of being a father he has to be as strong as a turtle to always protect his daughter.

This tattoo work was done on the same day along with the sleeve tattoo. It was the most difficult part for Samoan Mike not to break the Samoan culture pattern and also adjust a turtle tattoo with it. Mike usually doesn’t work on the colored tattoo but Roman wants the flower that represents Jojo to be inked with a different color. Then Samoan Mike’s wife had done the follower part with the black color ink. This was the story of the turtle and Roman Reigns tattoo meaning. Roman Reigns loves his daughter so much that he once told in an interview, the only title he wanted to have when he is dying is a ‘Good Father’ title. 

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Roman Reigns Back Tattoo 

Roman Reigns back tattoo
Image credit – WWE

Roman Reigns was planning to add some more tattoos on his body for a long time but he wasn’t getting the right time engraving it. During the pandemic situation, Roman took time out from WWE due to his lack of immunity as he had just recovered from Leukemia. During this time on 19th May 2020, Roman again visited Samoan Mike’s shop and got a tattoo on his back. The back tattoo consists of a mat and spearhead pattern which symbolizes victory. This tattoo suits well on his new Tribal Chief character.

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Roman Reigns is happy to represent his culture and family legacy through his tattoo. His custom and his rituals mean a lot to him. Roman Reigns is not only a proud father but is also a proud member of the tribal family. This was all about Roman Reigns Tattoo meaning. 

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