7 Times Nia Jax Injured Wrestlers | All Big Botches of Nia Jax

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The female diva Samoan Nia Jax is an Australian born WWE superstar. In relation, she is a cousin to The Rock. Many fans believed that because of her relationship with the Samoan family she got many chances even if Nia Jax does botches or Nia Jax injured wrestlers repeatedly.  Now in 2021 WWE has released her, let’s take a look at her major botches that made other superstars suffer.

Every wrestler Nia Jax injured

Nia Jax didn’t receive moonsault by Charlotte Flair

Nia jax injured charlotte flair

One of the initial botches of Nia Jax was noticed on 10th April 2017 during a match with Charlotte Flair. There was a moment when the Queen was on the top and was about to deliver a massive moonsault on Nia Jax who was standing out of the ring. Since Charlotte’s back was towards Nia, it was all on Nia Jax to receive the move safely.

Nia Jax misjudges the move and stands too far from Charlotte. Which results in Charlotte hitting face first on the ground. Luckily Charlotte was able to compete and didn’t suffer a major injury.

Nia Nax drops Charlotte on her head

Nia Jax injured charlotte

In the same match on 10 April, 2017 Nia Jax did another both also. This botch could lead Charlotte to career ending injury. During delivering the shoulder beaker Nia Jax hits Charlotte’s shoulder on her knees and then drops Charlotte on her head. The upper body weight made Charlotte’s neck twist and she was out for a couple of seconds. But she recovered and completed the match. Both these injuries could have even killed Charlotte Flair also. 

Nia Jax injured Bayley’s shoulder

Nia Jax injured bayley

During an ongoing storyline of a feud between Bayley and Alexa Bliss a Raw women’s championship match was scheduled for SummerSlam 2017. Just one previous night on 31st July 2017 at Raw Bayley and Nia Jax came face to face for a match. During the match, Nia pushed Bayley with so much force on the mat while throwing Bayley out of the ring that her shoulder got injured. 

That was not all in the same match, Nia picked up Bayley and then dropped her with the already injured shoulder hitting first on the mat. Somehow Bayley was able to complete the match and took a count out victory. But all this hard work led Bayley to miss her Championship match due to medically not being fit because of her shoulder injury. Then at SummerSlam 2017 pay-per-view, it was Sasha Banks who replaced Bayley and became the new Raw women’s Champion. 

Nia Jax throws Zelina Vegas head first outside the ring

Nia Jax injured zelina vega

WWE first-ever all women’s event pay-per-view WWE Evolution was the event where only women were performing and was a memorable night for all the divas. On 28th October 2018 during a 20 women battle royal match, Nia Jax showed her power by lifting Zelina for a gorilla press slam. Nia throws Zelina on Tamina outside the ring. But Nia Jax tossed Zelina Vega so high that Tamina wasn’t able to catch Zelina and Zelina fell face first on the floor suffering a concussion.

Nia Jax breaks Becky Lynch’s nose

Nia Jax injured Becky Lynch

WWE was heating the moment to get prepared for the brand vs brand Survivor Series 2018 pay-per-view. On 12th November 2018 Smackdown divas had invaded the Raw brand and in retaliation Raw divas gave fighting to them. During the brawl between Raw and Smackdown divas, Nia Jax punched Becky Lynch on the face so hard that Becky not only broke her nose but also was medically unclear for her Champion vs Champion match with Ronda Rousey. Then Charlotte Flair replaced Becky and faced Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series 2018. 

Nia Jax hit hard R-Truth’s face on the screen

Nia jax injured R truth

Next on the list of Nia Jax, injured wrestlers is a male superstar. Yes, Nia not only had injured female superstars but also had injured male wrestlers. On 27th January 2019 at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view R-Truth took his entrance at number 30 in a 30 man Royal Rumble match. As he was singing and dancing during his entrance he was attacked by Nia Jax from behind. Nia Jax was so carried away with the moment that she threw R-Truth face first on the screen so hard that he lost his senses for a while. 

Later Jerry Lawler revealed that R-Truth was so angry with Nia backstage that WWE executive members had to calm him down. It is hard to believe how such a friendly and humorous guy like R-Truth could get angry with someone. This shows Nia was really an unsafe wrestler professional.

Nia Jax Retired Kairi Sane

Nia Jax injured Kairi sane

One half of the famous WWE Japanese duo Kabuki Warriors Kairi Sane had suffered multiple botches from the hands of Nia Jax. On 20th April 2020 Nia botched during delivering a buckle bomb to Kairi Sane. Nia dropped Kairi too far away from the turnbuckle that instead of her back her head hit hard on the lower turnbuckle. Kairi Sane suffered a serious head injury and WWE had to ban that move.

One more injury Kairi suffered from the hands of Nia Jax was on 6th January 2020. During an episode of Raw Nia Jax and Kairi Sane were booked for a match. During the match, Nia pulled Kairi from her hair out of the ring, and before she could balance herself, Nia threw Kairi with full force on the steel steps. This crash led to a deep cut on her forehead and required stitches for recovery. All these incidents made Kairi Sane realize that WWE is an unsafe place to work. She took retirement from her wrestling career so that she could enjoy her time with her newly married husband.


It is obvious that because of her relations with the samoan family, WWE ignored botches done by Nia Jax. But soon WWE realized that not only Nia Jax injured wrestlers but also messed up the ongoing storyline which WWE took months to build. 

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