5 Fans Who Attacked WWE Wrestlers | WWE Wrestlers fight with fans

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A wrestler does everything that it takes to impress their fans. They risk their body and life just to entertain the live audience. But wrestlers sometimes are so much good into their character that fans forget that these all are scripted and take it seriously. There are some fans who attacked WWE wrestlers and got themselves or the wrestler in serious injuries. Here are such incidents when the fans and wrestlers got physical.

Wrestler attacked by live audience 

Seth Rollins was attacked by a fan in November 2021

Seth Rollin attacked by fan
Image credit – talksport

One of the recent incidents that took place on 22nd November 2021 is Seth Rollings being attacked by the fans at Monday night Raw. Seth was booked in a match with Finn Bálor but Seth attacked brutally on Finn before the match could start. He Curb Stomp Finn and left him unconscious in the ring and walked away. 

Rollins while walking towards the entrance, a 24 year aged fan named Elisah Spencer jumped off the barricade and delivered a spear on Seth and both fell down. Seth soon grabbed the fan in a headlock and then the security suddenly came into action and separated the fan from Seth. Luckily Seth didn’t get any injury. While the security team was taking the fans out from the stadium, Seth could blow some punches to take revenge but he didn’t. This shows how professional wrestler Seth is, that he still respected that WWE fan after even being attacked by him.

The fan was arrested by the police and in interrogation, he revealed the real reason why he attacked Seth Rollins. According to the fans he was in a chat with Seth Rollins (which was definitely the fake Seth Rollins account). Seth promised him that he would help Elisah get into a wrestling career and even took money for it but never helped him. This anger made him no choice but to take such horrifying action. 

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CM Punk was attacked by a fan in October 2012

CM punk attacked by fan
Image credit – dailymail

Another fans who attacked WWE wrestlers was a crazy guy. A long time ago when CM Punk was working with WWE, he was carrying a heel character. On 8th October 2012 at Raw CM Punk was in a match with Mr. McMahon. As Punk was about to deliver a GTS on McMahon, Ryback music hit and later John Cena also showed up to surround CM Punk. But Punk sees the opportunity to jump off the barricade and run into the audience.

Mr. McMahon then picked the mic and gave an ultimatum to Punk to face either John Cena or Ryback. While McMahon was delivering the ultimatum, CM Punk was standing with the crowd. CM Punk said in an interview that it was a terrifying moment for him. He could hear the crowd saying let’s push him off the stairs.

He was even pushed and punched in his back but he didn’t break the character. But the water crossed the nose when a man hit hard on the back of Punk’s head. CM Punk loses his temper and his anger explodes but as says , an act done in anger always proves to be a wrong decision. The heat of CM Punk just dropped on an innocent fan named Charles Schmidt. In retaliation to the attack, Punk turned around and hit the fan just behind him but the actual culprit was hiding behind Charles Schmidt. Punk, after knowing the truth, apologizes to Schmidt as he hit him in a misunderstanding.

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Eddie Guerrero was attacked by a fan in May 2002

Eddie guerrero attacked by fan
Image credit – wwe

It was just the beginning of the ruthless aggression era.  WWE was at new heights after the success of the attitude era. On 27th  May 2002 at Monday night Raw during an Intercontinental Championship ladder match between Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam a fan attacked Eddie in the center of the ring.

There was a moment when Eddie was on the ladder top and suddenly a fan jumped off the barricade and ran inside the ring. The fan intentionally pushed off the ladder when Eddie was on the top of it and was about to grab the intercontinental championship belt. Luckily Eddie Guerrero saw the fan coming and jumped off while the fan pushed the ladder and didn’t face any injury. The referee and the security quickly came into action and took the fan out of the ring. Even Eddie delivered a punch and a kick to the fan while he was being pulled out of the ring.

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Randy Orton was attacked by a fan in July 2013

Randy Orton attacked by fan
Image credit – kayfabenews

Next on the list of fans who attacked WWE wrestlers is Randy Orton. Back in 2013 at the WWE’s live event in Johannesburg, South Africa on 30th July, Randy Orton was booked in a match against Big E Langston. Randy Orton was a top heel of that time. After winning the match Randy was delivering his signature pose for the live audience while standing on the top ring corner.

A 20 year teenager came running inside the ring and delivered a low blow from behind to Randy Orton. Randy suddenly fell down on the ring and the security team grabbed the fan. The fan was handed to the local police after charging some criminal actions on him. 

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Roman Reigns was attacked by a fan in August 2015

roman reigns attacked by fan
Image credit – wwe

There was a time when WWE tried hard to push hard Roman Reigns as a babyface. But fans just got obsessed with the fact that how much spoon-feeding is being done by Mcmahon to Roman and another talent not getting the opportunity.

This incident also took place during a live event. On 8th August 2015 in a WWE live event show in British Columbia Canada, Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt were booked for a match. During the match, a fan who had a Money in the Bank replica threw his replica briefcase inside the ring when Roman was on his knees. The briefcase hit hard on the back of Roman’s head and the match had to be put on hold. The security team arrested the fan and threw him out of the arena.  WWE even puts a ban on him from attending any further WWE shows as the audience.

Luckily Roman didn’t suffer any serious injuries and was able to continue the match after recovering from the head injury. During police interrogation, the fan revealed that the other fans present around him dared him to throw that briefcase inside the ring. 

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It is clear from these facts wrestlers risk so much to give their best for the fans and fans don’t value it. There are many other incidents and many fans who attacked WWE wrestlers just to gain some attention. 

Which incident do you remember apart from these attacks ?

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