Is Ronda Rousey Leaving WWE? | The Real Reason Why Shayna Baszler Turned on Ronda Rousey

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Ronda Rousey, known for her dominant run in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) as a UFC champion, made a highly anticipated transition to professional wrestling in WWE. However, since joining WWE, there have been murmurs of Rousey’s dissatisfaction with her booking and the way her character has been portrayed. In this article, we will delve is Ronda Rousey leaving WWE and the real reason why Shayna Baszler turned on Ronda Rousey in detail.

Is Ronda Rousey Leaving WWE?

Ronda Rousey career in UFC vs. WWE

ronda rousey champion in ufc

Ronda Rousey’s accomplishments in the UFC were nothing short of extraordinary. As the first-ever UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, she quickly became a household name and a trailblazer for women in combat sports. Rousey’s dominance, combined with her charisma and natural athleticism, made her a force to be reckoned with in the octagon.

When Rousey made the transition to WWE, fans and critics alike had high expectations. The crossover from MMA to professional wrestling seemed like a perfect fit for her skills and larger-than-life persona. However, as Rousey’s WWE journey unfolded, it became apparent that she wasn’t entirely satisfied with how her character was being handled.

Rousey’s Concerns with WWE Booking

ronda rousey sad in wwe

One of Ronda Rousey’s main concerns with WWE booking is the lack of creative control she once had in UFC. In her UFC career, Rousey was actively involved in the planning and execution of her fights. She had a say in her character development and the storylines leading up to her matches. However, in WWE, the creative direction is predominantly controlled by the company’s creative team and writers.

Another point of contention for Rousey is the way her character has been portrayed in WWE. In UFC, she was an unstoppable force, dominating her opponents with her impressive judo skills and submission expertise. However, in WWE, Rousey has often been portrayed as vulnerable or on the losing end of storylines. This departure from her previous image as a fierce champion has left her and some fans feeling disillusioned.

Ronda Rousey Struggle for Creative Freedom

ronda rousey attacked by shayna baszler

One of the main reasons Ronda Rousy leaving WWE might be that, Ronda Rousey’s discontent with her WWE booking is not uncommon among wrestlers who have made the transition from other combat sports or entertainment industries. The wrestling business operates differently from the world of MMA, where fighters have more control over their careers. In WWE, wrestlers often have to adapt to the creative decisions made by the company, which can lead to clashes in artistic vision and personal satisfaction.

It’s worth noting that not all wrestlers face the same challenges with WWE booking. Some seamlessly transition into the world of professional wrestling and find success both creatively and in terms of fan reception. However, for Ronda Rousey, the contrast between her past as a UFC champion and her current position in WWE has been a source of frustration.


Ronda Rousey’s discontent with her WWE booking highlights the challenges of transitioning from a highly individualistic sport like MMA to the scripted world of professional wrestling. The contrast between her dominant legacy as a UFC champion and her current portrayal in WWE has left her feeling dissatisfied. Rousey’s concerns about creative control and the portrayal of her character reflect the complexities of navigating the world of wrestling entertainment.

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