Have WWE Sorted The Yeet Issue?

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Professional wrestling is not only about the in-ring action but also the unique personas and catchphrases that wrestlers bring to the stage. In recent days, the WWE universe found itself engulfed in the uncertainty surrounding Jey Uso’s iconic ‘Yeet’ catchphrase. However, it seems that WWE has swiftly taken action to sort out this issue, ensuring the continuity of this beloved phrase in Jey Uso’s repertoire.

Have WWE Sorted The Yeet Issue?

The ‘Yeet’ Catchphrase: Background and Importance

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Jey Uso’s ‘Yeet’ catchphrase has become synonymous with his persona, especially during his baby face character arc. The catchphrase adds a unique flavor to his character and resonates with fans who eagerly await its inclusion in his performances. Its sudden absence due to legal concerns raised questions about the future direction of Jey Uso’s character and the potential impact on WWE storytelling.

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WWE’s Swift Resolution

In a surprising turn of events, WWE appears to have rapidly addressed the ‘Yeet’ catchphrase issue. At a recent WWE Live event, Jey Uso confidently donned his ‘Yeet’ merchandise, indicating a positive development in the situation. The wrestler himself took to Instagram, posting a story that exclaimed, “It’s back!” This swift resolution is commendable, considering the potential repercussions a prolonged issue could have had on Jey Uso’s on-screen character.

The Fans’ Reaction

The WWE universe is known for its passionate fanbase, and the ‘Yeet’ catchphrase predicament did not go unnoticed. Social media platforms buzzed with discussions, speculations, and expressions of support for Jey Uso. Fan engagement plays a crucial role in the world of professional wrestling, and WWE’s ability to listen to its audience likely influenced the prompt resolution of the ‘Yeet’ issue.


In conclusion, it seems that WWE has successfully sorted out the ‘Yeet’ catchphrase issue, allowing Jey Uso to continue using this essential element of his character. The rapid resolution showcases WWE’s commitment to maintaining the authenticity of its performers and keeping fans engaged. As Jey Uso resumes uttering his iconic ‘Yeet’ on WWE TV, the wrestling community can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that a crucial aspect of the sport’s entertainment value has been preserved.

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