Could WWE Reclaim Jey Uso’s “Yeet” Catchphrase?

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Here we will discuss whether could WWE reclaim Jey Uso’s “Yeet” catchphrase. WWE fans were left puzzled when Jey Uso’s infamous “Yeet” catchphrase suddenly disappeared from the wrestling scene. The company not only stopped Jey from using the catchphrase but also halted the sale of “Yeet” merchandise at the WWE shop. Delving into the matter reveals a more intricate scenario than initially perceived.

Could WWE Reclaim Jey Uso’s “Yeet” Catchphrase?

Yeet a Trademark Issue

A recent report from wrestle votes shed light on the WWE’s decision to distance itself from Jey Uso’s “Yeet.” Trademark issues emerged as the primary culprit, with WWE uncovering complications related to the intellectual property associated with the catchphrase.

“As evident on Raw just now, I’m told WWE has found trademark issues with Jey Uso’s Yeet. The word in merchandising will no longer be associated with Uso going forward,” the report stated.

Kasey Scott Huffman’s Yeet Application

Kasey Huffman

The root of the problem lies in an unexpected source – independent wrestler Kasey Scott Huffman. This wrestling enthusiast filed for the rights to “Yeet” on July 6, 2021. Trademark applications involve a meticulous process, and a review of Huffman’s application reveals its current suspension. Despite this, the trademark has not been approved, leaving room for uncertainty.

However, Huffman’s pending trademark doesn’t automatically grant WWE the right to reclaim “Yeet.” Those who file first often hold priority, and in this case, Huffman has the upper hand. While WWE may consider negotiating with Huffman, there’s also the possibility of legal confrontation.

Possible Outcomes of Yeet Trademark

The approval or rejection of Huffman’s trademark application hangs in the balance, with various factors influencing the final decision. The priority granted to the initial applicant poses a significant challenge for WWE if Huffman’s trademark is approved. The wrestling giant may find itself in a position where negotiation becomes a necessity, or alternatively, legal battles could unfold.


The fate of Jey Uso’s “Yeet” catchphrase remains uncertain. The trademark intricacies and potential legal hurdles add layers of complexity to the situation, leaving fans and the wrestling community eagerly awaiting further developments.

Related FAQ

Is there a chance WWE can use “Yeet” again?

The possibility exists, but it depends on the outcome of Kasey Scott Huffman’s trademark application and potential negotiations.

Why did WWE stop Jey Uso from using “Yeet” in the first place?

WWE faced trademark issues related to the catchphrase, prompting the decision to distance itself from “Yeet.”

Who is Kasey Scott Huffman, and why did he file for the trademark?

Kasey Scott Huffman is an independent wrestler who applied for the rights to “Yeet.” The reasons behind his application remain undisclosed.

What happens if Huffman’s trademark is not approved?

If Huffman’s trademark is not approved, WWE might have an opportunity to revisit the use of “Yeet.”

How long does the trademark approval process typically take?

The timeline for trademark approval varies, and factors such as reviews, suspensions, and negotiations can contribute to the duration.

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