5 Reasons for Baron Corbin Financial Crisis

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Baron Corbin Financial Crisis

It seems like WWE superstar Baron Corbin is going through his bad days. Started his WWE career in 2012 for almost 9 year he has been in a different gimmick but all were stuck to his heel character. Whether it is Mr Money in the Bank Corbin, WWE Authority Corbin or King Corbin he always used to be a jerk. And now his new Baron Corbin Financial Crisis Character is something new from all the past as now Corbin started to gain some sympathy from WWE rosters and the WWE universe. 

Reason for Baron Corbin Financial Problems

No more King Corbin

King Corbin

On 16th September 2019 after defeating Chad Gable, Baron Corbin became the King of the Ring. With his new Tag his new character King Corbin begins. On 24th july 20121 at WWE Talking Smack Baron Corbin revealed that When he was King Corbin WWE used to pay him $20,000 a week. And because of this monster amount of paychecks he used to think that ‘’Okay, now I can get a million dollar house, now I can get the truck I want, now I get the car I want.’’

But on 18th June 2021 he lost his crown to Shinsuke Nakamura. And with no king, no money.

He started getting a salary so low that he can not even disclose the amount. Now he could not even cover the payment of his one vehicle.

Lose In Crypto Currency


On Talking Smack, Baron Corbin also revealed that When he used to be King Corbin he used all his money to buy expensive items. He even also invested in CryptoCurrency-Bitcoin when Bitcoin was $62,000 a share and he even borrowed some money to buy Bitcoin shares. But now since Bitcoin share has fallen to $30,000 he is in huge loss and also he has to lend back the borrowed money. That’s why he is in such a condition that he has to start selling all these expensive items.

It is very interesting to see how WWE is using the Crypto Currency popularity into its storyline. Fallen Bitcoin Share price is in trend around the whole world after a Tweet from Elon Musk and WWE writers are gaining attraction using it on their storyline.

Happy Corbin

United States Patent and Trademark

It seems like WWE is once again planning to change Baron Corbin’s name. On 25th june 2021 WWE filed a trademark for the name Happy Corbin at the United States patent and Trademark Office. On the same day WWE also filed one more trademark also that is Nikki A.S.H which refer to Nikki Almost Super Hero. This might be definitely due to avoid confusion between Nikki Cross and the latest member of WWE main Roster Karrion Kross.

It seems like after recently losing his crown Baron Corbin is all set for fir new gimmick Happy Corbin. And like his other gimmick this is also gonna be interesting to see him in a new avatar. 

No Babyface Opponent

Baron Corbin vs Roman Reigns

No doubt Baron Corbin was one of the biggest heel characters currently present in smackdown. In almost 9 long years he had set a different level of benchmark for heel character. Now WWE has turned one the biggest babyface superstar Roman Reigns  into a heel character so top two heel superstars can not be on the same page. Being a top heel character in Smackdown, his feud makes sense with the top babyface of the Smackdown roster.

As now top babyface superstar Roman Reigns has turned into a top heel in Smackdown, there is no babyface opponent for Baron Corbin with whom to put him into a storyline.

Face Turn

Baron Corbin Face turn

WWE believes that a top heel character definitely has the potential to become a top face character. That is the reason WWE is trying to gain some sympathy before putting him into a nice guy character. It is very interesting to see that wwe plan is actually working. Using Twitter tweets, most of the WWE universe had started showing a soft corner on the financial crisis of Baron Corbin.

This sympathy angle of Baron Corbin will help him into building some intillial fan base while he will get into a storyline as a face character.

So what do you think, will this new concept work for Baron Corbin ?

Also tell do Baron Corbin justified his previous gimmick role that was given to him.

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