WWE Kevin Owens All Tattoo With Meaning | What Does Kevin Owens Tattoo Mean?

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Kevin Owens, the renowned WWE wrestler, is known for his powerful moves, signature style, and, of course, his tattoos. His tattoos have always been a topic of discussion among his fans, who are curious about their meanings and significance. In this article, we will decode WWE Kevin Owens all tattoo with meaning behind them.

A Look at the Kevin Owens Unique Tattoos

Ko tattoo

The first tattoo Kevin Owens ever got is a small “K” on his leg. It’s a tribute to his wife, Karina. The couple got matching tattoos soon after they met, with Owens getting the letter “K” and Karina getting a “K” on her pelvis for “Kevin.”

Karina tattoo

Later, Owens got another tattoo on his arm that says “Karina,” his wife’s name. This tattoo is a testament to the love and devotion Owens has for his wife.

Children’s names tattoo

On his other arm, Owens has “Owen” and “Elodie” tattooed, the names of his two children. This tattoo represents Owens’ love for his children and the importance of family in his life.

Live tattoo

Owens has the word “LIVE” tattooed above his children’s names on the same arm. This tattoo was a bond he shared with his friend and mentor, professional wrestler Steve Corino. They both decided to get this tattoo during a difficult time in their personal lives. Corino’s idea to put the “E” backwards made the word readable as both “LIVE” and “EVIL,” which was fitting given their heel characters.

MSPR tattoo

On his knuckles, Owens has the letters “MSPR” tattooed, the initials of his grandparents, Melvin Steen and Pierre Benoit. Owens credits his grandparents as being big fans of professional wrestling, but they passed away before he joined the WWE. The tattoo serves as a constant reminder that they’re always with him.

Bull tattoo

The bull tattoo on Owens’ right arm is often mistaken as a tribute to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who also has a bull tattoo on his right arm. However, Owens got the tattoo because he’s a Taurus and his wife has always compared him to a bull.

Vulture tattoo

Owens has a large vulture tattooed on his right arm with its wings spread. The vulture is sitting on top of a tree on his forearm. This tattoo symbolizes Owens’ ability to attain his life’s mission.

Panda and gorilla tattoos

The right bicep of Owens has a tattoo of a panda, while the inside of his forearm has the face of a gorilla. When asked about the meaning behind these tattoos, Owens simply replied, “Because of animals.”

Tree tattoo

On the upper part of his right forearm, Owens has a tree tattoo with a cloudy background. The snake on the backside of his upper arm has its tails wrapped around the bark of the tree.

Beast tattoo

The word “BEAST” is tattooed on Owens’ right hand near his thumb. This tattoo represents his ferocity and strength in the ring.

Skull tattoo

Owens’ left hand has a skull tattoo with a pair of golf clubs tattooed below it in the shape of a cross. The meaning behind this tattoo is unknown.

Dinosaur tattoo

On his left arm, Owens has a tattoo of a dinosaur. The significance of this tattoo is that his son Like T-Rex very much.


Kevin Owens’ tattoos represent important aspects of his life, such as his family, friends, and personal struggles. Each tattoo has its unique meaning, and they all come together to create a powerful collection that’s reflective of Owens’ personality and

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