WWE AJ Styles Tattoo Meaning | What Does AJ Styles Tattoo Stand For ?

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If you are a fan of WWE, you must have noticed the tattoo on AJ Styles’ body in big letters. Have you ever wondered what does WWE AJ Styles tattoo meaning is. In this article, we will discuss into the mystery behind AJ Styles’ tattoo and discover its sentimental value.

AJ Styles’s tattoo meaning

AJ letter Tattoo

AJ styles aj tattoo
image credit wwe

The tattoo on AJ Styles’ body is not just a random design. Styles got his first tattoo, which covered a large part of his ribcage, one of the most painful areas to get a tattoo. It holds a sentimental value that AJ Styles cherishes dearly. He got the tattoo at the age of 32, in 2010. The tattoo has the letters ‘AJ’ written in big bold letters.

The AJ letter tattoo represents his real name, Allen Jones, and his children’s names. His children’s names are Ajay Jones, Avery Jones, Albey Jones, and Anney Jones.

Dates tattoo

aj styles date tattoo
image credit wwe

The dates on AJ Styles’ tattoo represent the birth dates of his four children. Each date holds a special place in his heart and represents a significant moment in his life. He wanted to immortalize these dates on his body so that he could always keep them close to his heart.

Till 2010 AJ Styles had only three dates tattoo for his three sons “AJ 05-03-05, 02-14-07 and 09-15-09”. Ajay Covell Jones was born on May 3, 2005, Avery Jones was born on February 14, 2007, and Albey Jones was born on September 15, 2009.

And on October 8, 2014, AJ Styles was blessed with a daughter. In 2016 two years after her birth, Styles also got her birthdate tattooed on his body.  This tattoo session was also featured on an episode of Superstar Ink, where he was accompanied by Corey Graves.

Since this tattoo was for his daughter, Styles wanted to do something that made the tattoo a bit more girly. So Capobianco suggested he add a bow along with her birthdate in pink. Styles liked this idea and got that tattoo done.

Tattoo significance in AJ Styles’s career

AJ’s tattoos played a role in preventing WWE from changing his name when he joined the company. Although he was okay with changing his name, he was more worried about being given a stereotypical southern gimmick due to his accent. The tattoos made it impossible for WWE to change his name, and AJ revealed that Vince McMahon didn’t have much faith in him when he first joined WWE. However, after seeing fans’ reactions to his debut at Royal Rumble 2016, things started to change. Six years later, AJ Styles is a two-time WWE Champion and one of the most popular and dependable stars in the company.

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Related FAQ

Why did AJ Styles get a tattoo?

AJ Styles got a tattoo to represent his love for his children

What do the dates on AJ Styles’ tattoo represent?

The dates on AJ Styles’ tattoo represent the birthdates of his four children.

What are AJ Styles’ children’s names?

AJ Styles’ children’s names are Ajay, Avery, Albey, and Anney.

What is AJ Styles’s full name ?

Allen Neal Jones best known by the ring name AJ Styles


The tattoo on AJ Styles’ body is not just a random design. It holds a special place in his heart and represents his love for his family. The tattoo is a testament to his affection towards his children and his commitment towards his family.

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