What’s Wrong With WWE Mick Foley’s Ear | How Did Mick Foley Lose His Ear ?

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Born on 7th June 1965, Michael Francis Foley popularly known as Mick Foley is a professional American wrestler. Foley is well known for his hardcore, brutal and high risk maneuver performance. Many of his fans must have noticed his awkward looking left ear and must have thought what’s wrong with WWE Mick Foley’s ear or how did Mick Foley lose his ear. Here we will discuss what happened to Mankind’s left ear and why he didn’t repair it

What happened to Mick Folley’s ear?

It was the time in 1994 when Mick Foley was working for WCW wrestling promotion under the character Cactus Jack. On the 16th of march, WCW was on a European tour, Mick Foley or Cactus Jack was booked in a very memorable match against the powerhouse Big Van Vader in Munich, Germany. The ring cage was different, unlike normal WCW rings. The ring’s ropes were not made from rubber but it was an elevator wire coated inside the rubber.

Neither of the wrestlers knew about the ropes. During the match, Foley performed a move called hangman which includes the opponent dodging the running attack and foley entangling himself in between the top and mid rope. Mick Foley has performed this move many times because of which he had an injury to his ear and even stitches to his ears 5 times. But this time the ropes were made up of elevator cable wire which was drawn extra tight. 

Mick Foley was struggling to get out of the ropes but he couldn’t. Seeing Foley suffocating the referee helped Foley in powering himself out of the ropes. By this time Mick Foley’s ear was half ripped off and was bleeding. It was Cactus Jack’s resilience that he re-entered the ring and continued the match.

While exchanging blows there was a moment when Vader grabbed Foley’s ear and Foley hit a punch which was the nastiest part of the match. Foley’s ear ripped apart and fell on the mat. As the referee was a local resident official who speaks only French, not English was unable to inform Foley that he had ripped his ear off. So the referee picked up the ear and gave it to the WCW’s ring announcer Gary Cappetta. Later Gary handed the ear to Ric Flair who was the locker room leader at that time.

Mick Foley unfortunately lost the match and then was taken to hospital. Ric Flair brought Foley’s ear surrounded by duct tape and said it was looking like a piece of a raw chicken. Now Foley had to choose between getting surgery to reattach his ear or wrestling at ppv slamboree where he was scheduled to win the tag team title along with Kevin Sullivan. Foley refuses the surgery as the recovery may take months and chooses to show up at Slamboree pay per view and win his only championship title in WCW.

This is the reason Mick Foley’s ear looks weird. His ear has been ripped off and was never re-attached. And to cover his left half ear he always had kept long hair in his entire wrestling career.


Mick Foley is a fearless and phenomenal wrestler who is always ready to put his body at risk just to entertain his fans. Many times he has had surgeries and life threatening injuries but he never stepped back from a risky stunt. He is the king of hardcore wrestling of all time.

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