Cody Rhodes Tattoo Meaning | Cody Rhodes Neck Tattoo

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Third-generation superstar Cody Garrett Runnels Rhodes popularly known by his in-ring name Cody Rhodes is an American professional wrestler. Cody Rhodes is the son of the legend Dusty Rhodes and grandson of Virgil Runnels Sr. The Former AEW vice president Cody Rhodes had a very infamous tattoo and fans want to know what Cody Rhodes tattoo meaning is about. Cody Rhodes neck tattoo had become more of a sensation after his return in Wrestlemania 38.

Cody Rhodes all tattoos with their meaning 

Cody Rhodes ‘Dream’ Tattoo

Cody Rhodes Dream Tattoo

Cody had inked a text ‘Dream’ tattoo on his left chest. He engraved this tattoo at the end of 2016 after leaving WWE. Till May 2016, when he was in WWE he didn’t have this tattoo.

He inked this tattoo to tribute his father Dusty Rhodes who was also popularly known as ‘The American Dream’ in the wrestling world. Dusty Rhodes passed away at the age of 69 on 11th June 2015 due to kidney failure.

Cody Rhodes, to give honor to his father for his accomplishments in his wrestling career decided to have a ‘Dream’ tattoo which is part of his father’s honored name The American Dream.

Cody Rhodes ring finger tattoo

Cody Rhodes ring finger tattoo

Cody Rhodes had two inverted triangles on his left hand’s ring finger. One bigger triangle consists of an inverted smaller triangle and the line passing through it. 

He inked this tattoo for his beloved wife Brandi Reed. Cody and Brandi got married in September 2013. This tattoo means the two triangles are the husband and wife coming together to give birth to a new life which is the line passing through the two triangles.

Cody Rhodes  neck tattoo

Cody Rhodes  neck tattoo

Unlike WWE, AEW doesn’t grab all the profits gained by selling superstar merchandise. Superstars in AEW get some share of the profit, made by the company after the sale using the superstar’s star power. 

The tattoo inked on Cody Rodes’s neck is having a skull with a crown on its head and wings behind it. All of these tattoos are colored in the American flag texture. This tattoo looks awkward but it’s the logo of Cody Rhodes self-brand The American nightmare. For brand advertisement, Cody even created a faction called Nightmare family in AEW which includes superstars like Dustin Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, MJF and Allie.

According to Cody Rhodes neck tattoo meaning is that being a star he had to wear lots of other brands on his body and he wanted his own brand to be one of them. So he got the American Nightmare logo tattoo inked on his body. Many fans criticize this tattoo as it looks awkward on Cody’s neck, but Cody wanted that his own brand should also be visible while he was wearing other brands. So he decided to get this tattoo on his neck so that it may be easily visible to everyone and this one is the most interesting of all Cody Rhodes tattoo meaning on his body.

Related FAQ

Cody Rhodes wife name ?

Brandi Rhodes

What is Cody Rhodes neck tattoo name ?

Its the logo of the brand The American nightmare

is Cody Rhodes neck tattoo real ?

Yes, the tattoo is real


Cody Rhodes doesn’t have many tattoos on his body but whatever he had all had beautiful meanings. No one can deny the hard work of Cody Rhodes, how he had been wasted by WWE and how he rebuilt himself with AEW. After his WWE return, Cody became the top merchandise seller at Wrestlemania 38 beating Roman Reigns.

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