The Real Reasons Why CM Punk Returned to WWE Survivor Series 2023

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CM Punk’s unexpected return to WWE Survivor Series 2023 has sent shockwaves through the wrestling community. Fans are buzzing with excitement and curiosity about the motives behind Punk’s decision to re-enter the squared circle. Let’s delve into the real reasons behind this comeback.

The Real Reasons Why CM Punk Returned to WWE Survivor Series 2023

1. Reconciliation with WWE

Punk appears to have buried the hatchet with WWE. Previous tensions seem to be a thing of the past, as evidenced by his goodwill visit several months ago. Despite earlier considerations for a return around the Royal Rumble, Punk has put any lingering issues with the likes of The Miz and Triple H to rest.

2. A Gentler Punk?

The question arises: Is this a kinder, gentler Punk? It remains to be seen, but his return suggests an amicable relationship with WWE. The company wouldn’t bring back a disgruntled star, emphasizing the importance of a positive working dynamic.

3. Punk’s Desire for One Last Run

After a mixed run in AEW, plagued by injuries and backstage issues, Punk may see his return as a chance for one last triumphant run. This could be an opportunity to showcase his skills, proving he still has what it takes to captivate audiences.

4. Mentoring Younger Wrestlers

Known for his willingness to mentor young talents, Punk’s return could be fueled by a desire to contribute to the development of the next generation of wrestlers. His vast experience could serve as a valuable asset to aspiring WWE stars.

5. WWE’s Competitive Edge Over AEW

Speculations abound about WWE signing Punk to rival AEW. However, from a business perspective, the decision likely revolves around making strategic and financially sound choices rather than simply one-upping the competition.

6. Recruitment of AEW Talent

Punk’s signing could act as a catalyst for other AEW talents considering their contract options. If Punk’s WWE stint proves successful, it could persuade stars like Cody Rhodes to explore opportunities in the world of WWE.

7. Exciting Matchup Possibilities

From a wrestling standpoint, Punk’s return opens the door to numerous exciting matchups. With a wealth of new talents since his last WWE appearance in 2014, fans can anticipate spectacular bouts that transcend championship aspirations.

8. Economic Impact

CM Punk’s return is not just a treat for fans but a potential financial windfall for WWE. Merchandise sales, ticket revenue, and pay-per-view views are likely to experience a significant boost, turning Punk into a revenue-generating machine.

9. WWE’s Confidence in Controlling Punk

While Punk’s return carries some risk, WWE likely feels confident in their ability to manage any potential issues. Differences in locker room dynamics between AEW and WWE, along with contractual safeguards, mitigate the risk associated with Punk’s notorious history.

10. Roman Reigns vs. CM Punk Dream Match

The prospect of a dream match between Roman Reigns and CM Punk adds an exciting layer to Punk’s return. WWE has an opportunity to script a compelling narrative, with the tribal Chief facing off against a seasoned veteran.


In conclusion, CM Punk’s return to WWE Survivor Series 2023 is a multifaceted decision driven by reconciliation, personal goals, mentorship, and business strategies. As fans eagerly await Punk’s in-ring action, one thing is certain – the wrestling landscape just got a whole lot more interesting.

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